• Participant Health and Safety

Participants must consult with medical institutions to ensure they can run safely.

All participants must consider their health condition before entering the race.Participants are responsible for their own safety and injury prevention during the race.Injuries or accidents occurring during the race are covered by liability insurance within the policy limits, and the organizers are not liable.

Participants must be prepared to handle sudden weather changes (cold, wind, rain, snow) in mountain areas and are responsible for their own safety in such conditions.

Applications under a pseudonym or transferring entry tickets are not allowed.

If the actual participant and the insured differ, no compensation will be provided for accidents during the race.

Discovered cases of false participation or ticket transfer may result in disqualification from future events.

All participants must install the 119 emergency reporting app before the race.

• Assembly Time and Location

-100K, 50K

Assembly Time: Before 4 AM on October 19, 2024 (Saturday) (Start at 5 AM)

Assembly Location: Seoul Plaza, in front of City Hall


Assembly Time: Before 7 AM on October 19, 2024 (Saturday) (Start at 8 AM)

Arrive at the starting point with enough time to check in your belongings and prepare for the race.

• Participation Qualifications


Participants must be healthy men and women aged 18 and over who agree to the participation guidelines.

Must have obtained a UTMB Index of 50K or ITRA points 2 or more within the last two years (July 9, 2022 - July 8, 2024) (certificate required).


Participants must be healthy men and women aged 18 and over who agree to the participation guidelines.

Must have obtained a UTMB Index of 20K or ITRA points 1 or more within the last two years (July 9, 2022 - July 8, 2024) (certificate required).


Healthy men and women who agree to the participation guidelines.

• Contact Information

-Secretariat: Seoul 100K Secretariat, 16th Floor, Dong-A Ilbo Building, 29 Chungjeongno, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03737

-KakaoTalk: Dongma Club

• Participant Package

For the convenience of participants, race materials and souvenirs will be shipped before the event. However, 100K and 50K finisher goods will be available at Seoul Plaza after completing the race.

• Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellations are possible until 2 PM on September 13, 2024 (Friday). No cancellations or refunds after this date.

Credit card cancellations will be processed after identity verification. Refunds may take 3-7 business days depending on the card issuer.

Cancellation method: Contact the secretariat via KakaoTalk (Dongma Club) and complete the refund application through the personal verification process.

• Race Regulations

Participants cannot continue the race after the cut-off time at each checkpoint (CP).

Must pass through national parks and other areas within the allowed entry times.

Participants must maintain personal hygiene and avoid littering.

Any littering will result in time penalties.

• Medical Support

Medical staff and first aid supplies will be available at each CP.

Injured participants should move to the nearest CP or contact the joint situation room.

Participants must assist others in danger.

Possession of essential safety equipment is mandatory.

Participants receiving medical assistance (excluding minor injuries) will be marked as DNF (Did Not Finish) and must comply with medical decisions.

Mobile phone reception may be unavailable in some mountain sections. Install the 119 app before the race for emergency communication.

• Equipment Storage

Changing rooms and baggage storage will be available at Seoul Plaza.

Items stored at Seoul Plaza can be retrieved with a sticker received during storage. No responsibility is taken for lost items.

100K participants should ensure that drop bags stored at mid-race CPs are not confused with those at the finish line.

• Withdrawal and Abandonment

Participants must withdraw at a CP (excluding injuries).

Notify CP staff of withdrawal to have bib numbers checked and records invalidated.

CPs in mountain areas are accessible by public transport.

Withdrawn participants should consider their health and return to Seoul Plaza or home.

• Cancellation

The organizers can cancel or modify the race in emergencies such as national disasters, severe weather, epidemics, or other significant situations.

No refunds if the event is canceled; only participant souvenirs will be provided.

• Checkpoints (CPs)

CPs in mountain areas will provide medical support, drinks, and food.

Participants must bring their own water bottles or cups to minimize single-use items. No disposable cups provided.

Littering personal items or waste will result in time penalties. Trash bins will be available at each CP.

• Time Limits

Participants must finish within the time limit to have their records recognized.

Participants should be aware of CP time limits to avoid disqualification.

Participants must leave each CP before the time limit.

• Course Marking

The course will be marked with ribbons, flags, and arrows.

Participants must follow the designated course without shortcuts or deviations.

Participants taking shortcuts or deviating from the course will face time penalties or disqualification.

• Disqualification

No changes or substitutions allowed after registration confirmation.

Unauthorized changes or substitutions will result in disqualification and no issuance of completion certificates.

Any fraudulent activities, such as wearing someone else's timing chip, will invalidate records.

Participants not wearing or modifying bib numbers will be barred from the race and may face future disqualification.

• Privacy Policy

The Secretariat collects identifiable information such as real names and birthdates.

Required information: Name, birthdate, participation category, address, contact details, email, etc.

Personal information is used for insurance and event notifications and may be shared with sponsors or partners for better service.

No disclosure of personal information for profit unless violating participation terms, causing legal damage to others, or engaging in immoral activities.

• Other Information

The Secretariat has the authority to revoke participation rights, invite special guests, and cancel or modify the event.

The Secretariat may photograph or video participants for advertising and social media purposes related to the event.